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How do I apply for Mexicali Health Care?
You can click on the request a quote icon in our website. It should only take a couple minutes. Once you request a quote, one of our Case Managers will contact you within 24 hours directly and start working on your case. 

What are the steps in order to be approved for surgery with Mexicali Health Care ?
Once you request a quote and we have made direct contact with you, the next step would be to have a conversation with your Case Manager to understand more about what you expect and what medical tourism can do for you. Your Case Manager will send you a link for a Medical Evaluation you will need to fill out. In some situations your Case Manager will request that you send medical reports of any previous surgeries you obtained in the past, MRI reports, and /or physical pictures of your surgical areas ( mostly for cosmetic surgery requests ). Once all the necessary information is received, your Case Manager will coordinate with your surgeon to conclude your final approval and final quote. 

How much is the down payment to reserve my surgery day?
In order to reserve your surgery, Mexicali Health Care asks for a 10% deposit of your total surgical price. Full payment should be made upon arrival and/or prior to your surgery. The surgeons will not perform surgery to any medical traveler until full payment is complete. Your surgery deposit is 100% refundable 72 hours prior to your surgery day. You can always cancel your surgery 72 hours before your surgery day by simply notifying your Case Manager and receive 100% of your deposit. If the cancellation occurred after the 72 hour policy, Mexicali Health Care will need to deduct 10% of your surgery deposit to cover hospital reservation fees. 

Where do I make payments?
There are a variety of ways you can make a payment with Mexicali Health Care. You can send a Cashier’s Check to a specific address your Case Manager will notify you, you can pay using your credit card Visa/MasterCard to our Director of Operations, or you can also pay via Wire Transfer or Money Order. We also use PayPal as a method of payment. 

How do I know my quote and medical services requested are secured?
Once we have reached a verbal agreement via telephone or email, we will send you a finalized price quote via email for you to sign. The finalized quote will detail all our liabilities and our agreement with the patient as far as surgical procedures requested and approved, nights included in the hospital, nights included in hotel, any other amenities included, and the finalized price quote. Once you review the finalized quote and agree to the terms, please print it, sign it, and send it back to use via mail or email. 

Can I speak with my surgeon prior to committing to having surgery?
Absolutely! Our surgeons are usually very busy but once the request is made, your case manager will coordinate the best time to schedule a call conference with you and your surgeon. 

How do I arrive to the hospital for my treatment?
We provide all ground transportation within a 130 mile radius. Most patients prefer to fly to San Diego or Yuma , Arizona for Airport pick up. Once pickup is made, we provide all ground transportation to the City of Mexicali, hospital, doctor’s clinic, and hotel. Your transportation back to the airport for your departure is also provided. We use 2009 Nissan Quest Vans for all our medical travelers. 

How far is San Diego from Mexicali ?
Mexicali is 120 miles East of San Diego (1 hour 45 minute drive). All ground transportation is included in your quote. 

Who will pick me up at the airport?
A Mexicali Health Care host and driver will be picking you up at the airport wearing the hospital uniform or Mexicali Health Care uniform. The host and driver can vary, but we will provide the names and pictures prior to your arrival via email. 

Will I meet my surgeon prior to my surgery?
Absolutely! It is a Mexicali Health Care policy to make sure all medical travelers have a consultation with there surgeon prior to any surgery. You will also need to take pre-operative examinations prior to your surgery. Ask your case manager for the full details. 

Where do I book my airfare?
Your airfare is not included in your quote, but your Case Manager is available to find you the most affordable airfare found online once you are ready to book your trip. 

Where do I book my hotel?
Your case manager is responsible for planning your entire itinerary, including your hotel reservations. We have special rates with the best hotels in the city for all Mexicali Health Care medical travelers. 

Will I be given a complete itinerary of my visit to Mexicali Health Care prior to my arrival?
Yes, your Case Manager will send you via email a complete itinerary prior to your arrival. Upon arrival, a hard copy of your complete itinerary is handed to all medical travelers as well. 

How far away are the hospitals from the hotels?
Our featured partner hotels are located 5 to 10 minutes away from both Hospital de la Mujer and Hospital Hispano Americano. 

How safe is Mexicali ?
According to the F.B.I. of the Unites States of America, Mexicali is the safest border city in Mexico. You can ask your Case Manager to give you more information about the city of Mexicali. 

What happens if I have a complication outside the hospital?
We are available to locate your surgeon and provide nursing care to your hotel room at anytime upon request. You will be given phone numbers in your hard copy itinerary of the hospital, your nurse, Case Manager, hotel , and surgeon. We also work very closely with the hotel staff to notify MHC about our patients while they are guest in the hotel. If in the case of an Emergency, we suggest you notify the hotel staff to receive immediate attention. All our featured partner hotels have bilingual doctors on staff. 

What happens if I have a complication when I am back home for my recovery?
If in the case you have a complication during your recovery period back home, the first think you should do is contact your Case Manager. Your Case Manager will get in touch with your surgeon to discuss your symptoms. For cosmetic patients, its always useful to send pictures of your surgical area. Your Case Manager can coordinate a call conference with your surgeon at the earliest request. 

What happens when I go back home after surgery?
All surgeries require a recovery period that you must follow. You will be given written instructions by your surgeon and Case Manager about what to do and what not to do during your recovery period. Your Case Manager will follow up with you during your recovery period to supervise your progress. If you would like to speak with your surgeon during your recovery back home, your Case Manager is responsible to coordinate your phone consultation with your surgeon. 

Are your surgeons’ bilingual and board certified?
All of our surgeons are bilingual and many of them have performed medical studies in the United States. All MHC surgeons are board certified. 

Can I bring a companion with me at no extra cost?
Absolutely! It’s always recommended to bring a companion with you. Your companion is welcome to spend the night in the hospital with you for your hospital recovery at no extra cost. 

Do I get a discount if I bring a friend to have surgery with me at the same time?
Yes, discounts can be offered if you bring friend to have surgery with you at the same time. Your Case Manager can discuss with you all the options that are offered. 

Do I need a passport to travel into Mexico?
Yes, please bring your passport with you when traveling into Mexico. You can get a passport card in your local post office for a very low price. Please check with your local post office for all the details.