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    Mexicali Health City

Mexicali has internationally recognized surgeons in Mexicali and we have a large number of them. Mexicali is known for having certified hospitals and accredited by U.S. standards Mexicali is the ideal place to handle any type of procedure. We have everything you need to make your stay more pleasant. 

Mexicali offers an exclusive city official transport to medical tourism visitors. 

-Direct transport from Las Vegas to Mexicali, visiting your doctor with a prior agenda.
-Caring for your welfare, with a journey that can be bundled with various deals offered by the best hotels in Mexicali at promotional prices.
-We have an exclusive lane for cross border health care, your doctor enrolled in the program will provide Medical Tourism to have a faster cross should come in his own car.
-All with the best purpose for your trip to have the best medical attention.

Of course, everyone wants to know why it is much cheaper medical care in Mexico than in the United States certainly is not due to a decrease in quality. The prices of the surgeries in Mexico and especially in Mexicali, are just a fraction of what they are in the United States, for the low operating costs and the low cost of insurance. The drugs also are cheaper in Mexico and are developed by the same companies, only the price is determined according to the country they are sold. It is estimated that the costs of medical care in Mexico generates savings around: 

Surgeries to 50% cheaper.
Consultations up to 80% cheaper
Drugs up to 75% cheaper
Dental Service up to 70% cheaper 

In addition, hospitals in Mexico and Mexicali, do not have to meet the high malpractice insurance quotes, doctors and hospitals in the United States needs to continue operating. By eliminating all such fees, all surgeries performed in Mexico are and will be cheaper, but of course, without losing its quality.