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    A Comfortable Decision

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Hello, my name is Valente Vargas, from Imperial Valley, California. Over the years my teeth were wearing out and they started to break, so I went to a dentist, but the price he gave me was way too high for my budget. A friend told me about a clinic in Mexicali where he got a complete dental rehabilitation at a great price, so I took the chance and went south of the border to have my teeth checked, it was a great decision.

I was able to take my family with me to my rehabilitation, and while they stayed doing some shopping in El Centro and Calexico, I crossed the border to get my procedure done. It was amazing to realize that the clinic was only 10 minutes from where my family was, and the waiting at the lane to cross back to Calexico only took minutes because I got a medical pass from the doctor. At Liverpool Dental the facilities were excellent, and since the clinic is located inside a mall, the parking was not a problem, they even have private security.

When I arrived at the clinic I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Escutia, I found him a very friendly and professional person with 27 years of experience. The doctor explained to me each of the treatments that I would need in order to have a complete dental rehabilitation (Periodontology, Endodontics and Crowns) All this made me feel confident about him. In addition, the staff was always very attentive to my needs. Each member was professional in their area. It was a clever decision coming to Mexicali.

I’ts been nine years since the first time I went to Liverpool Dental. Since that day I have been very comfortable with the treatment I received, I have not had any kind of problem whatsoever. Every six months I travel to Mexicali to check on my teeth and I have found always an excellent service, not to mention that the payment facilities are amazing and the prices cannot be compared with the ones we have here in the US. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Escutia and his team. Highly recommended!

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