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Hello, my name is Guadalupe de la Torre, I'm from Indio, California. I come very often to Mexico because I like the medical services offered in the city of Mexicali. Particularly the service and attention from the doctors is very good and the waiting time for an appointment is always shorter. Recently, I have to be constantly coming to medical consultation, and it was necessary to find a hotel that suited my needs. After several experiences in other hotels I decided to stay at Holiday Inn Express Calexico.

Holiday Inn Express Calexico is the hotel that meets all my needs. It is a hotel that is very close to the border with Mexicali. The rooms are very comfortable and quiet, great for relaxing. The facilities are very clean and tidy. They have pool, dining and most importantly, free internet service to be aware of what happens in my house while I'm out.

The staff is very attentive, from the moment I arrived, the receptionist was very kind and answered each of the questions I asked. Also I noticed that the atmosphere was very friendly and they made me feel just like home. Some members of the staff knew that was coming to medical consultation, so their level of care was higher with me. Whenever requesting some service to my room, they took care of immediately.

I am very grateful for the care you have given me Holiday Inn Express Calexico. Since I started staying here, I've recommended it to everyone I know. The stay at Holiday Inn Express Calexico is one of the most enjoyable experiences every time I come to Mexicali. Highly recommended.

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