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    A Great Rehab in Mexicali

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I live in Brawley. I had an accident while I was working out at the gym. I thought it was nothing but my doctor told me that I had a severe sprain in my leg. He said that I caused that to myself because I didn’t warm up enough before starting to exercise. I must admit he was right. So he advised me to visit a physical therapist. That’s when I heard about Sportkines a physical rehabilitation clinic in Mexicali. When I checked up their website I realized they were a nice company with branches in several places in Mexico and I have one close to my town.  That was great. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

When I got to Sportkines I saw they had everything you might need to have a complete therapy. The Physical Therapist I saw was very nice and gentle.  He explained in detail my condition. He said that I tore my muscle and I had to be experiencing some pain. For sure I was in pain but he told me that with some prescription medicine I would do good. He also told me that I had to wear an elastic band to wrap up my leg and with the right therapy I would heal soon. He introduced me to my therapist he was going to be in charge of all my treatment. They were very professional and always concerned about my health a worried about if the therapy was painful or if I could handle it. I was so glad to have gone to Sportkines. 

The Staff was very friendly and polite. They were always very kind with me. I always got  information on my progress because I always had a trainer or therapist guiding me. I noticed that the staff was highly professional. Whenever I was curious or wondering about something my questions were always answered in detail. Some people told me that I had to be very careful in taking health services in Mexico. I had an amazing experience.  It was very affordable and  the medical staff in Mexico was amazing.

The facilities at the clinic were excellent. They had all the equipment and well trained personnel.   I can say they simply exceeded my expectations. They had some equipment that I haven’t seen in other rehabilitation clinics that I have visited in the past. When I had to have therapeutic massage I really enjoyed it.  My room was very comfortable with air conditioning and  even internet wi-fi service. It was like being in a hospital but without the feeling of one. 
I fully recommend Sportkines.


Phone:(686) 552-3027
From USA:011 (52) 686 552-3027