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    A Strange Symptom

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Hi ! My name is Graciela Diaz Santillan. Years ago my son started to present some symptoms. When I saw him he looked like he had a common cold so I thought it was nothing, but in time the symptoms got worse. My son used to play in a small baseball league. During the training I had the opportunity to talk with other moms about the problem of my son. They told me that it was asthma and recommended me to go to Clinica del Asma in Mexicali.

As a mother, I had certain misgivings about this place, but when we arrived it was very easy to see that we had come to a very agreeable and safe place in the city. The installations of the clinic were excellent and extremely comfortable. I can confirm that Clinica del Asma is a clinic of the highest level.

We had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Valente Mérida , he explained us the problem that my son had. He was allergic to grass, then Dr. Valente prescribed medication and began to see improvement immediately. The Doctor was very attentive with the health of my child . It is certainly a very professional doctor.

My son has not had any complications with his health. We still continue to regularly visit Dr. Valente Merida for regular check-ups. We have been coming to the 
Asthma Clinic for more that three years, and my son is in excellent health. I am very grateful for the attention that Dr. Valente has had with my family. Anytime I come across a mother who has a child with respiratory problems or allergies, I recommend that they check out the Asthma Clinic.


Address: Av. Madero 1053.
Phone: (686) 5540506
E-Mail: drvalente@clinicadeasma.com