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    A new life chance

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Hello , my name is Mark Holstein. A few years ago, I had some symptoms that were attacking my life. I had only a few days old and i needed a hospital with the procedures that I need and counted on easy terms . So we opted for choosing Family Hospital We took the first flight to Mexicali. I was in a very delicate state.

The Staff at Family Hospital previously arranged everything to get an ambulance to the airport. On my arrival at 
the Hospital I was already dying, but miraculously the doctors managed to keep me alive. After the surgery and the following treatment I started feeling better. The doctors and their staff did an excellent job.

The facilities at Family Hospital were excellent, it is a truly first class hospital. The rooms were also very comfortable and everything that I needed was immediately attendeded by the staff. The service they provide is excellent, and everybody, doctors included, always behaved very friendly and attentive to my needs.
Since our experience, my wife and I love to travel from Texas to Mexicali to get medical treatment. I am totally grateful to Family Hospital.

Personally I got another chance at life, and to be honest, the low cost of the services really helped to my piece of mind. To all the staff and doctors, I thank you for the treatment I received. Highly recommended!

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