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    An Adventure in Mexicali

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My name is Michelle Woods I am from Alaska. I decided to come to Mexicali because my nurse supervisor in my region recommended me to come this way. I really didn’t know anything about the city but for me, a professional recommendation was more than enough. So I trusted him and  then I decided to come to  this place for an “adventure” and I must say it was so wonderful to have made the decision to come here. Mexicali is a nice place with nice people. The medical infrastructure is awesome and  there are many options to choose from. We decided on Hispano Americano Hospital because of my supervisor's  recommendation about it and he has come here to receive treatment too. I saw it for myself and many good things have come from all this trip.

I came here to have a tummy tuck and liposculpture. When I arrived to the hospital and met my translator I was a little afraid  because I thought maybe she wouldn’t be able to explain to the doctor exactly what I was asking or saying, but after talking with her I noticed she was a professional, she made me feel safe in every part of the process. She was very attentive and she explained to me everything that the doctor was saying. Many things were kinda technical but I agreed with the fact that I was going to be “renewed”.   The doctor told me, that in a tummy tuck procedure he restores weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer. In other words, exactly what I needed, and what I finally got.

When I got to the Hispano Americano Hospital, I was wondering if what my nurse supervisor told me was true.  I can say now that what I found was exactly as he told me.  The procedure  exceeded my expectations. The staff of the hospital was very attentive to me all the time, before the surgery, during  my recovery time and even after that. One time I even had to call at midnight to ask about some things about a medicine, The nurse was available even at that time always trying to help me and making me feel so comfortable. She was my private Guardian Angel. I really love this place and its people. Now I feel sad because I have to go back home  soon, but I will surely come back, with someone else because I will definitely recommend the experience for sure.

My nurse supervisor told me that in Mexicali they had medical facilities and all the services like in any other hospitals that I have seen in the US. It was hard to believe it and  but when I got here and saw my room, the corridors and all the amenities they have, I had that feeling like if I was in fact inside a US hospital. It was even a comfortable place. What a great experience. Hispano Americano is a small hospital (compared to those hughe hospitals that we have), but still they have all kinds of services, from maternity to cosmetic surgery with so many specialists in many areas such as Bariatric, Orthopedic, Cardiology and even Ophthalmology, not to mention Plastic Surgery (the one I came for), and everything for patient care. I was greatly impressed to know that they can do all those procedures and treatments.

Greatly recommended.

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