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    Free from cataracts free to travel and see everything.

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Over the years I started to have problems with cataracts in my eyes. They say as we grow older some problems grow with us too. Looking for an specialist  becomes a priority. Here in town I can do that, but I heard that in Mexicali there were many options and more than that I heard that you would be able to find the ideal specialist and with many years of experience. That's  how I found Eye Center in Mexicali, Mexico. I was impressed to know that they could solve any problem related to my eyes. I asked for an appointment and went to it. When I saw doctor Benjamin Mendez he said I was right on time to have a surgery and I would be able to recover my sight. I was so happy to hear that.

Eye Center is the name of this clinic. I wanted to know a little about them because  that's what we all do when you are going to have a surgery and more when it is in a different country. I know we are close but I really wanted to be sure that I was going to be safe and more if it has to do with my eyes. So I looked for the doctors and I found out many interesting things about doctor Benjamin Mendez and doctor Alejandra Palazuelos. Both were specialists.  Dr. Mendez is in retina, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy. And she was another specialist  in eye surgeon in cornea, keratoconus, transplant of cornea. I read many other specialties they have but I was relieved that they were experienced and they could help me with my problems.

Dr. Benjamin explained to me that diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness in adults. I was scared to hear that at the first time but the more he explained to me the more I understood that it was not a good thing but not that tragic. He told me he was going to use local anesthesia and perform phacoemulsification procedure making a small opening on the side of my cornea with ultrasound vibrations, that was going to break the cloudy lens into small pieces then removing them and replace the lens with intraocular lens or IOL, the whole procedure was for about an hour and he recommended for  me to use sunglasses to help with the light sensitivity.

The surgery was successful. I am so glad that I took this chance. You hear many things about Mexico. I can say that they have great eye surgeons like Dr. Benjamin Mendez or Dr. Alejandra Palazuelos. They were very attentive all the time and I didn't have to wait long time until I could book a surgery with my insurance here. They accepted my insurance and the process was so easy. It is so good to have many options and so close to my town. Mexicali has many options and  very good health care for people. I am so so glad that I took the chance and I can see very good again.  So no more delaying on my vacation time. I'm ready to go to live free from cataracts and free to see the world with new eyes.

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