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    From craft beer to dental implants

News > From craft beer to dental implants

Dr. Javier Venegas has been sharing with us the experience of one of his patients on his dental implant procedure.

I was surfing on the internet when suddenly for a reason I went to a website that was mentioning 5 things you have to do while in Mexicali and one of them was to have an ice cold craft beer. As a beer enthusiast I was immediately attracted by the idea. Surfing a little bit more I found tons of information. Most of the comments were that Mexicali was a place to find great beer so I realized that it would be nice to travel to do so. While checking this and other websites I found out about Medical Tourism in Mexicali, I never thought I would find such a specialty in that town. So I got interested and then I found out about dental implants with Dr. Javier Venegas, well that’s something that I was really looking for, for quite some time. So my visit would it be to find a great beer and to check out my teeth. Why not?

While in Mexicali I decided to go visit Dr. Javier Venegas and have him check on my teeth. The office staff were very kind and gentle. Dr. Javier Venegas did the check up and told me that most of my teeth were good but one... Well lets say some of them could do better. If he could do a replacement of some dental implants. Without telling him about anything in advance, he asked me if I had some pain or issues with certain teeth and I answered that in fact I was having some minor problems but nothing to worry about. What are those little problems you are saying? Do you mean bleeding or soreness and if so, let me tell you that for some time they could be nothing but if you do not do the correct maintenance to your implants they can cause you the same problem that your natural teeth cause. I was impressed he really had many years of experience. I was pleased to have visited him first.

Next time I visited Dr. Javier Venegas he explained very clearly the actual procedure he was going to do with my teeth. He said that by grafting bone into the area, he could solve the problem. Later I realized that my jaw was good enough. I felt relieved, and at the same time I knew that if there was any sort of problem he would fix it anyway. After several visits, the process was complete.

I always get nervous when I have a visit to the dentist, and that’s mostly because of the painful experiences I had before with previous dentists, but in this case I have always felt good even when some treatments have been not exactly nice due to the work the doctor had to practice. But I felt so in good hands that everything went fine.

Also I must mention that he has a complete staff to work there. I thought a dentist could do everything on his own but I noticed there were orthodontists, surgeons, pediatric specialists even specialists in beautification of a smile. I highly recommend Doctor Javier Venegas and his professional staff.

Dr. Javier Venegas
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