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Hi mi name is Victor DiBlasi. I live in Dallas, Texas. When I started having real problems with some of my theet, I started looking on the web for the best clinics to have my implants done. I was surprised that the one that I got interested in was located in Mexico, Sani Dental. in Algodones to be exact. I gave them a call and the people that attended was very nice and professional so I took the chance and flew over to Yuma AZ, where somebody picked me up and drove me to Algodones. What a surprise arriving to Sani Dental, the clinic was better than I expected, even better than many that we have in the US. The best choice I have ever taken

In Dallas, as in most of the U.S. you hear a lot about the insecurity in Mexico. At first I also thought that Mexico was a dangerous place, but my opinion changed right upon I crossed the border. My first impression was that security was similar to what we have in Dallas, and the people walking around at any time of the day made me feel just as comfortable as in the U.S. Algodones is a great place to visit, and the hotel, the clinic, the restaurants are as good as it gets.

So I finally got to to Sani Dental and immediately they took care of me. Before I got my procedure done, the doctor explained to me every detail of the process, which made me feel very confident. The procedure only took about an hour and thirty minutes, after that I was back at the hotel.
I was pretty impressed with the technology and equipment that they have. 

The attention was excellent and the quality, second to none. I can recommend it anytime.

After 6 months, I noticed that the implant didn’t feel right, so I immediately called Sani Dental to tell them about the problem. Again the doctor receives me and replaced the implant at no cost. I must admit that I saved a lot of money by choosing Sani Dental, I spent only 25% of the cost offered by similar clinics in Dallas.
And well, with the money I saved I fulfilled my dream to have a ‘92 Porsche convertible, how about that? It's amazing the money you can save, highly recommended.

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