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A Strange Symptom

Hi ! My name is Graciela Diaz Santillan. Years ago my son started to present some symptoms. When I saw him he looked like he had a common cold so I thought it was nothing, but in time the symptoms got worse. My son used to play in a small baseball league. During the training I had the opportunity to talk with other moms about the problem of my son. They told me that it was asthma and recommended me to go to Clinica del Asma in Mexicali.

As a mother, I had certain misgivings about this place, but when we arrived it was very easy to see that we had come to a very agreeable and safe place in the city. The installations of the clinic were excellent and extremely comfortable. I can confirm that Clinica del Asma is a clinic of the highest level.

We had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Valente Mérida , he explained us the problem that my son had. He was allergic to grass, then Dr. Valente prescribed medication and began to see improvement immediately. The Doctor was very attentive with the health of my child . It is certainly a very professional doctor.

My son has not had any complications with his health. We still continue to regularly visit Dr. Valente Merida for regular check-ups. We have been coming to the 
Asthma Clinic for more that three years, and my son is in excellent health. I am very grateful for the attention that Dr. Valente has had with my family. Anytime I come across a mother who has a child with respiratory problems or allergies, I recommend that they check out the Asthma Clinic.


Address: Av. Madero 1053.
Phone: (686) 5540506
E-Mail: drvalente@clinicadeasma.com

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A new life chance

Hello , my name is Mark Holstein. A few years ago, I had some symptoms that were attacking my life. I had only a few days old and i needed a hospital with the procedures that I need and counted on easy terms . So we opted for choosing Family Hospital We took the first flight to Mexicali. I was in a very delicate state.

The Staff at Family Hospital previously arranged everything to get an ambulance to the airport. On my arrival at 
the Hospital I was already dying, but miraculously the doctors managed to keep me alive. After the surgery and the following treatment I started feeling better. The doctors and their staff did an excellent job.

The facilities at Family Hospital were excellent, it is a truly first class hospital. The rooms were also very comfortable and everything that I needed was immediately attendeded by the staff. The service they provide is excellent, and everybody, doctors included, always behaved very friendly and attentive to my needs.
Since our experience, my wife and I love to travel from Texas to Mexicali to get medical treatment. I am totally grateful to Family Hospital.

Personally I got another chance at life, and to be honest, the low cost of the services really helped to my piece of mind. To all the staff and doctors, I thank you for the treatment I received. Highly recommended!

Contact us:
Phone: 1 (866) 961 1833
Email: info@hospitaldelafamilia.com.mx
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A Comfortable Decision

Hello, my name is Valente Vargas, from Imperial Valley, California. Over the years my teeth were wearing out and they started to break, so I went to a dentist, but the price he gave me was way too high for my budget. A friend told me about a clinic in Mexicali where he got a complete dental rehabilitation at a great price, so I took the chance and went south of the border to have my teeth checked, it was a great decision.

I was able to take my family with me to my rehabilitation, and while they stayed doing some shopping in El Centro and Calexico, I crossed the border to get my procedure done. It was amazing to realize that the clinic was only 10 minutes from where my family was, and the waiting at the lane to cross back to Calexico only took minutes because I got a medical pass from the doctor. At Liverpool Dental the facilities were excellent, and since the clinic is located inside a mall, the parking was not a problem, they even have private security.

When I arrived at the clinic I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Escutia, I found him a very friendly and professional person with 27 years of experience. The doctor explained to me each of the treatments that I would need in order to have a complete dental rehabilitation (Periodontology, Endodontics and Crowns) All this made me feel confident about him. In addition, the staff was always very attentive to my needs. Each member was professional in their area. It was a clever decision coming to Mexicali.

I’ts been nine years since the first time I went to Liverpool Dental. Since that day I have been very comfortable with the treatment I received, I have not had any kind of problem whatsoever. Every six months I travel to Mexicali to check on my teeth and I have found always an excellent service, not to mention that the payment facilities are amazing and the prices cannot be compared with the ones we have here in the US. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Escutia and his team. Highly recommended!

Contact us:
Optica y Dental Liverpool
E-Mail: liverpool@prodigy.net.mx

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A Great Place To Rest

Hello, my name is Guadalupe de la Torre, I'm from Indio, California. I come very often to Mexico because I like the medical services offered in the city of Mexicali. Particularly the service and attention from the doctors is very good and the waiting time for an appointment is always shorter. Recently, I have to be constantly coming to medical consultation, and it was necessary to find a hotel that suited my needs. After several experiences in other hotels I decided to stay at Holiday Inn Express Calexico.

Holiday Inn Express Calexico is the hotel that meets all my needs. It is a hotel that is very close to the border with Mexicali. The rooms are very comfortable and quiet, great for relaxing. The facilities are very clean and tidy. They have pool, dining and most importantly, free internet service to be aware of what happens in my house while I'm out.

The staff is very attentive, from the moment I arrived, the receptionist was very kind and answered each of the questions I asked. Also I noticed that the atmosphere was very friendly and they made me feel just like home. Some members of the staff knew that was coming to medical consultation, so their level of care was higher with me. Whenever requesting some service to my room, they took care of immediately.

I am very grateful for the care you have given me Holiday Inn Express Calexico. Since I started staying here, I've recommended it to everyone I know. The stay at Holiday Inn Express Calexico is one of the most enjoyable experiences every time I come to Mexicali. Highly recommended.

Contact us:

Phone: (760)768-6048
Web Site: 

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The Best Investment

Hi mi name is Victor DiBlasi. I live in Dallas, Texas. When I started having real problems with some of my theet, I started looking on the web for the best clinics to have my implants done. I was surprised that the one that I got interested in was located in Mexico, Sani Dental. in Algodones to be exact. I gave them a call and the people that attended was very nice and professional so I took the chance and flew over to Yuma AZ, where somebody picked me up and drove me to Algodones. What a surprise arriving to Sani Dental, the clinic was better than I expected, even better than many that we have in the US. The best choice I have ever taken

In Dallas, as in most of the U.S. you hear a lot about the insecurity in Mexico. At first I also thought that Mexico was a dangerous place, but my opinion changed right upon I crossed the border. My first impression was that security was similar to what we have in Dallas, and the people walking around at any time of the day made me feel just as comfortable as in the U.S. Algodones is a great place to visit, and the hotel, the clinic, the restaurants are as good as it gets.

So I finally got to to Sani Dental and immediately they took care of me. Before I got my procedure done, the doctor explained to me every detail of the process, which made me feel very confident. The procedure only took about an hour and thirty minutes, after that I was back at the hotel.
I was pretty impressed with the technology and equipment that they have. 

The attention was excellent and the quality, second to none. I can recommend it anytime.

After 6 months, I noticed that the implant didn’t feel right, so I immediately called Sani Dental to tell them about the problem. Again the doctor receives me and replaced the implant at no cost. I must admit that I saved a lot of money by choosing Sani Dental, I spent only 25% of the cost offered by similar clinics in Dallas.
And well, with the money I saved I fulfilled my dream to have a ‘92 Porsche convertible, how about that? It's amazing the money you can save, highly recommended.

Contact Us:

Sani Dental
Phone: (686)841-1497.
From USA: (928) 257-1307, TOLL FREE (855)7264-337.
E-Mail: info@sanidentalgroup.com
Web: www.sanidentalgroup.com 
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Walking Again

My name is Alejandro Esparza, I’m 31 and I livin in Corona California. One of my favorite pastimes was playing basketball with my friends, it's one of the things I enjoy doing the most. One day during a match I suffered an injury which turned to be a completely torn ligament. I was operated by doctors in the United States, but the results were not what I expected, after 2 surgeries I was still unable to walk correctly. An aunt who lives in Mexicali told me about Dr. Humberto Torres, so I took the decision to travel to Mexicali to meet him. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made

I must admit, at first I was not entirely sure of my decision to travel to Mexicali because in the United States for some reason people are kind of afraid to get medical assistance in Mexico. But as soon as I meet Dr. Humberto Torres I knew I was in good hands. Dr. Humberto Torres explained to me everything I needed to know about the surgery and the treatment that I would need in order to start walking again. I have to admit it; he made me feel confident just for looking at the board where he has all the international certifications and all the awards he has won so far. So I said, let’s do it!

My stay in Mexicali was amazing. The facilities of Dr. Humberto Torres were very comfortable, the staff was very friendly. I must confess that even though in Mexicali temperature is “a little bit higher” to which I am accustomed, the people made me feel just like home (they even let me change the room temperature to an almost freezing point). All and all, I truly appreciate the kindness of everyone

During the operation Dr. Humberto Torres, allowed me to see part of the procedure through a screen, which made me feel safer. After he finished, Dr. Torres asked me to stand up. For me it was too soon, but he insisted, so I did it. Last thing I remember I was right on my feet, up and walking. It was amazing! Now I can walk again, and if everything goes as planned, I will be playing basketball again in about 6 months. No wonder why Dr. Humberto Torres is recognized as one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Mexico, I am totally grateful to him and his staff. 

It was an excellent decision coming to Mexicali. 

Contact Dr. Humberto Torres.
Phone:(686) 552-6310
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Free from cataracts free to travel and see everything.

Over the years I started to have problems with cataracts in my eyes. They say as we grow older some problems grow with us too. Looking for an specialist  becomes a priority. Here in town I can do that, but I heard that in Mexicali there were many options and more than that I heard that you would be able to find the ideal specialist and with many years of experience. That's  how I found Eye Center in Mexicali, Mexico. I was impressed to know that they could solve any problem related to my eyes. I asked for an appointment and went to it. When I saw doctor Benjamin Mendez he said I was right on time to have a surgery and I would be able to recover my sight. I was so happy to hear that.

Eye Center is the name of this clinic. I wanted to know a little about them because  that's what we all do when you are going to have a surgery and more when it is in a different country. I know we are close but I really wanted to be sure that I was going to be safe and more if it has to do with my eyes. So I looked for the doctors and I found out many interesting things about doctor Benjamin Mendez and doctor Alejandra Palazuelos. Both were specialists.  Dr. Mendez is in retina, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy. And she was another specialist  in eye surgeon in cornea, keratoconus, transplant of cornea. I read many other specialties they have but I was relieved that they were experienced and they could help me with my problems.

Dr. Benjamin explained to me that diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness in adults. I was scared to hear that at the first time but the more he explained to me the more I understood that it was not a good thing but not that tragic. He told me he was going to use local anesthesia and perform phacoemulsification procedure making a small opening on the side of my cornea with ultrasound vibrations, that was going to break the cloudy lens into small pieces then removing them and replace the lens with intraocular lens or IOL, the whole procedure was for about an hour and he recommended for  me to use sunglasses to help with the light sensitivity.

The surgery was successful. I am so glad that I took this chance. You hear many things about Mexico. I can say that they have great eye surgeons like Dr. Benjamin Mendez or Dr. Alejandra Palazuelos. They were very attentive all the time and I didn't have to wait long time until I could book a surgery with my insurance here. They accepted my insurance and the process was so easy. It is so good to have many options and so close to my town. Mexicali has many options and  very good health care for people. I am so so glad that I took the chance and I can see very good again.  So no more delaying on my vacation time. I'm ready to go to live free from cataracts and free to see the world with new eyes.

Visit Eye Center México!

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A Great Rehab in Mexicali

I live in Brawley. I had an accident while I was working out at the gym. I thought it was nothing but my doctor told me that I had a severe sprain in my leg. He said that I caused that to myself because I didn’t warm up enough before starting to exercise. I must admit he was right. So he advised me to visit a physical therapist. That’s when I heard about Sportkines a physical rehabilitation clinic in Mexicali. When I checked up their website I realized they were a nice company with branches in several places in Mexico and I have one close to my town.  That was great. I didn’t have to think twice about it.

When I got to Sportkines I saw they had everything you might need to have a complete therapy. The Physical Therapist I saw was very nice and gentle.  He explained in detail my condition. He said that I tore my muscle and I had to be experiencing some pain. For sure I was in pain but he told me that with some prescription medicine I would do good. He also told me that I had to wear an elastic band to wrap up my leg and with the right therapy I would heal soon. He introduced me to my therapist he was going to be in charge of all my treatment. They were very professional and always concerned about my health a worried about if the therapy was painful or if I could handle it. I was so glad to have gone to Sportkines. 

The Staff was very friendly and polite. They were always very kind with me. I always got  information on my progress because I always had a trainer or therapist guiding me. I noticed that the staff was highly professional. Whenever I was curious or wondering about something my questions were always answered in detail. Some people told me that I had to be very careful in taking health services in Mexico. I had an amazing experience.  It was very affordable and  the medical staff in Mexico was amazing.

The facilities at the clinic were excellent. They had all the equipment and well trained personnel.   I can say they simply exceeded my expectations. They had some equipment that I haven’t seen in other rehabilitation clinics that I have visited in the past. When I had to have therapeutic massage I really enjoyed it.  My room was very comfortable with air conditioning and  even internet wi-fi service. It was like being in a hospital but without the feeling of one. 
I fully recommend Sportkines.


Phone:(686) 552-3027
From USA:011 (52) 686 552-3027

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An Adventure in Mexicali

My name is Michelle Woods I am from Alaska. I decided to come to Mexicali because my nurse supervisor in my region recommended me to come this way. I really didn’t know anything about the city but for me, a professional recommendation was more than enough. So I trusted him and  then I decided to come to  this place for an “adventure” and I must say it was so wonderful to have made the decision to come here. Mexicali is a nice place with nice people. The medical infrastructure is awesome and  there are many options to choose from. We decided on Hispano Americano Hospital because of my supervisor's  recommendation about it and he has come here to receive treatment too. I saw it for myself and many good things have come from all this trip.

I came here to have a tummy tuck and liposculpture. When I arrived to the hospital and met my translator I was a little afraid  because I thought maybe she wouldn’t be able to explain to the doctor exactly what I was asking or saying, but after talking with her I noticed she was a professional, she made me feel safe in every part of the process. She was very attentive and she explained to me everything that the doctor was saying. Many things were kinda technical but I agreed with the fact that I was going to be “renewed”.   The doctor told me, that in a tummy tuck procedure he restores weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer. In other words, exactly what I needed, and what I finally got.

When I got to the Hispano Americano Hospital, I was wondering if what my nurse supervisor told me was true.  I can say now that what I found was exactly as he told me.  The procedure  exceeded my expectations. The staff of the hospital was very attentive to me all the time, before the surgery, during  my recovery time and even after that. One time I even had to call at midnight to ask about some things about a medicine, The nurse was available even at that time always trying to help me and making me feel so comfortable. She was my private Guardian Angel. I really love this place and its people. Now I feel sad because I have to go back home  soon, but I will surely come back, with someone else because I will definitely recommend the experience for sure.

My nurse supervisor told me that in Mexicali they had medical facilities and all the services like in any other hospitals that I have seen in the US. It was hard to believe it and  but when I got here and saw my room, the corridors and all the amenities they have, I had that feeling like if I was in fact inside a US hospital. It was even a comfortable place. What a great experience. Hispano Americano is a small hospital (compared to those hughe hospitals that we have), but still they have all kinds of services, from maternity to cosmetic surgery with so many specialists in many areas such as Bariatric, Orthopedic, Cardiology and even Ophthalmology, not to mention Plastic Surgery (the one I came for), and everything for patient care. I was greatly impressed to know that they can do all those procedures and treatments.

Greatly recommended.

Visit Hospital Hispano Americano.
Phone: (686) 552-2300.
From USA: 1 (619) 616-7301.
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From craft beer to dental implants

Dr. Javier Venegas has been sharing with us the experience of one of his patients on his dental implant procedure.

I was surfing on the internet when suddenly for a reason I went to a website that was mentioning 5 things you have to do while in Mexicali and one of them was to have an ice cold craft beer. As a beer enthusiast I was immediately attracted by the idea. Surfing a little bit more I found tons of information. Most of the comments were that Mexicali was a place to find great beer so I realized that it would be nice to travel to do so. While checking this and other websites I found out about Medical Tourism in Mexicali, I never thought I would find such a specialty in that town. So I got interested and then I found out about dental implants with Dr. Javier Venegas, well that’s something that I was really looking for, for quite some time. So my visit would it be to find a great beer and to check out my teeth. Why not?

While in Mexicali I decided to go visit Dr. Javier Venegas and have him check on my teeth. The office staff were very kind and gentle. Dr. Javier Venegas did the check up and told me that most of my teeth were good but one... Well lets say some of them could do better. If he could do a replacement of some dental implants. Without telling him about anything in advance, he asked me if I had some pain or issues with certain teeth and I answered that in fact I was having some minor problems but nothing to worry about. What are those little problems you are saying? Do you mean bleeding or soreness and if so, let me tell you that for some time they could be nothing but if you do not do the correct maintenance to your implants they can cause you the same problem that your natural teeth cause. I was impressed he really had many years of experience. I was pleased to have visited him first.

Next time I visited Dr. Javier Venegas he explained very clearly the actual procedure he was going to do with my teeth. He said that by grafting bone into the area, he could solve the problem. Later I realized that my jaw was good enough. I felt relieved, and at the same time I knew that if there was any sort of problem he would fix it anyway. After several visits, the process was complete.

I always get nervous when I have a visit to the dentist, and that’s mostly because of the painful experiences I had before with previous dentists, but in this case I have always felt good even when some treatments have been not exactly nice due to the work the doctor had to practice. But I felt so in good hands that everything went fine.

Also I must mention that he has a complete staff to work there. I thought a dentist could do everything on his own but I noticed there were orthodontists, surgeons, pediatric specialists even specialists in beautification of a smile. I highly recommend Doctor Javier Venegas and his professional staff.

Dr. Javier Venegas
Phone: (686) 5546150
E-Mail: javiervenegas@hotmail.com
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Knowledge for Healthy Eating

The Nutrition Source provides evidence-based diet & nutrition information for clinicians, health professionals and the public. The Healthy Eating Plate helps you create healthy & flavorful meals. Created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health in conjunction with Harvard Health Publications, The Healthy Eating Plate addresses key flaws in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate. 

The Nutrition Source provides evidence-based diet & nutrition information for clinicians, health professionals and the public. The Healthy Eating Plate helps you create healthy & flavorful meals. Created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health in conjunction with Harvard Health Publications, The Healthy Eating Plate addresses key flaws in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate.

The Nutrition Source provides evidence-based diet & nutrition information for clinicians, health professionals and the public. The Healthy Eating Plate helps you create healthy & flavorful meals. Created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health in conjunction with Harvard Health Publications, The Healthy Eating Plate addresses key flaws in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate. 

The Nutrition Source provides evidence-based diet & nutrition information for clinicians, health professionals and the public. The Healthy Eating Plate helps you create healthy & flavorful meals. Created by nutrition experts at Harvard School of Public Health in conjunction with Harvard Health Publications, The Healthy Eating Plate addresses key flaws in the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate
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