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Losing a tooth is not the end of the world as it is now very common to have a dental implant procedure in any professional clinic of cosmetic dentistry. It is not an easy process and it will not take a few hours but in the end you will get an excellent result and the most important thing, you will feel better and more confident of yourself.

Dental implants have its benefits, for instance that they are connected to the jaw bone in a direct way and it works almost the same as the original bond. Especially if you have lost a front tooth you will probably feel the need to replace it, as it is noticeable and maybe you might feel uncomfortable when talking to people.  At the same time when you lose a tooth all the remaining teeth can be affected too. The gap created can make the other teeth eventually move and cause you biting problems or produce facial affections, especially in the muscles, joints and jaw. A poor dental structure will consecutively cause a severe effect on nutrition, as the person will start suffering problems to bite and swallow properly.

When a tooth falls out, the supporting bone melts away, so then it is time for the specialist to recreate bone to add the implant. It is highly recommended to see a dentist before it is too late, anyway, shortly after the tooth was lost. Putting an implant is a process but the results are optimum.