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Although investigations with stem cells are a controversial topic and sometimes many opinions put in question its morality, the truth is that it serves to replace damaged cells in your body. Healthy ones are transplanted into the diseased ones in order to heal you system. It is the future of medical treatments in regenerative medicine.

This might be necessary if for example your bone marrow is not working in a proper way. This malfunctioning of the marrow produces a lack of healthy stem cells and that is why an infusion of healthy ones is required. It also used for blood disorders such as leukemia when a high-dose chemotherapy or radiation was given in treatment to a patient. This way your body will be able to generate proper white or red blood cells and platelets. At the same time it reduces the risk of infections or anemia.

These transplants can use your own cells, cells from a donor or from an identical twin, for instance.  Many people can receive a benefit from this treatment, from people with cancer to people suffering other important diseases, such as diabetes type one, Parkinson’s disease, a heart disease, burns, etcetera. Stem cells can be found in embryos that are three to five days old that has around a hundred and fifty cells available. But they can be found also in adult tissues, in a smaller number, in bone marrow or fat. These cells are less able and might be not as adaptable and strong as those taken from embryos.