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    Woman Services

    Is the medical practice dealing with the health of the female reproductive system

Summary of Woman Services

Cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance, confidence and outlook on life. Our experienced surgeons offer a variety of procedures that can help you look your best.

Whether you are seeking a more youthful appearance with a face lift or neck lift, enhancing your body image with breast enlargement or body contouring or looking for a way to get back your pre-mommy figure with a tummy tuck, Mexicali Health Care can help you love the way you look.




Tubal ligation


Diagnostic laparoscopy

Featured Physicians

Dr. Juan Luque Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Marco Antonio Gutierrez Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Gustavo Gaspar Blanco Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon


Stephanie B
Laurie A